Product pages on steroids – How to Get E-commerce links with the Arngren method

Link building for e-commerce sites is painful. But there is a really powerful way to get insane amount of links and social engagement. I call it the Arngren method.

Nobody cares about «kind of cool… «. Your content has to be really great or fail epicly to get the attention of the Internet. Most of the time failing is not a good thing, but it can be, as I will show you.

Enter the Arngren method

Graph by Brad Colbow

The Arngren method is showing your product in a remarkable way online. It has to be bat shit crazy, make your eyes bleed or make you laugh out loud. This method is named after the epic web site Lets look at some examples. I have selected both cool and boring niches to show you that there are no product pages The Arngren method can’t handle! Enjoy.

Arngren – gadgets is a fairly unremarkable Norwegian store selling RC toys and gadget, but also awesome products like flying cars. They have the ugliest and most entertaining 90s web site on the net. Some stuff might be NSFW.

The data

Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Domains Totallinks Tweets Facebook total Google +1’s
57/100 48/100 293 1289 30989 6307 17


This is one of the best examples of how horrible stuff on the Internet gets popular (like MySpace). I am pretty sure they would not have gotten any high authority links if they had an «okay» looking e-commerce template. I bet the creators of this site didn’t plan this, but now you can!

Blendtec – blenders

Blenders are boring right? Wrong. Blenders are awesome! What if I were to tell you that you could get 189.594.782 Youtube views and 400.000 subscribers? Would that be something you would be interested in?

Will it blend?


The data

Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Domains Total Links Tweets Facebook Total Google +1’s
48/100 70/100 6 132 38 380 4


Look at that sweet domain authority. It doesn’t matter how boring your product is or how small your marketing budget is. If you can do something crazy like «Will it blend» with your products, just do it.

DollarShaveClub – razors

This is another boring niche made interesting. Dollar Shave club has really pulled it off with an insane product launch that broke their site. Dollar Shave Club is so wildly awesome I’m not sure it’s even real.

The data

Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Domains Total Links Tweets Facebook Total Google +1’s
39/100 27/100 24 54 7332 25497 524

The video



This is what I’m talking about. This is the Arngren method in action. Make your product page stand out like a boss. Use what you got. Show your unique selling points. – gifts

The World’s Largest Gummy Bear. Five-pound gummy bear is equal to 1400 regular-sized bears. This is one of my favorite product pages of all time.

The data

Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Domains Total Links Tweets Facebook Total Google +1’s
61/100 62/100 185 472 298897 80027 68


Make your product information interesting and unique. Use video and pictures.

Bonus: Think Geek – the ultimate Arngren method e-commerce site

Do you know what the most linked to sub page on Think Geek is? It’s the iPad Arcade Cabinet of course.

The data

Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Domains Total Links Tweets Facebook Total Google +1’s
87/100 92/100 697 3191 7436 2749 31


Anything Apple is linkworthy. The tech bloggerati and Apple fanboys loves this stuff. What not to love, right?


«Remarkable is what we call something we remark on – Seth Godin»

Being good doesn’t cut it online. You need to be remarkable in a really great or really bad way. Like a purple cow. Some might say this is stupid, it’s not. This is what it takes to stand out online and gain organic links. The genius part is that you don’t even need to have the product in stock if you are worried it won’t sell.

Use your product pages as link building and marketing, it’s edgy and it works f**king great! And if you have to suck, remember to fail epicly.

What is the best Arngren method product pages you have seen? I would love to see more.

18 hendelser på “Product pages on steroids – How to Get E-commerce links with the Arngren method”

  1. lol… is totally a mess. but look at it’s page rank and page authority, it’s amazing

  2. Hi mate some really good examples of how you can effectively do link building, sure some of these methods may not be viable for all brands but they are great examples of how the content can get viral and how they can build a crazy number of links.

  3. This theory probably explains why we at graduate tutor did not notice an uplift in visits or sharing when we went from a crappy website to a just ok one at How would you rate the current one! Should I ask our team to go back to the really crappy one to get some more love!?

  4. Great article. I love and completely agree with the «arngren» theory! However, for those considering the «epic fail» route – remember to consider that something along the lines of lingscars / arngren will probably result in a horrendous conversion rate.

    A bait and switch play would maximise the returns in the long term, but recognise that throughout most of the «buzz» period you won’t be able to make as much money from the page as if it was epic in a good way 🙂

  5. I like the concept and understand the logic. But how would you propose a website incorporate something like this when they sell something boring, like refurbished circuit breakers and other industrial equipment, to a customer base that doesn’t necessarily have a reason to share these product pages with other contractors even if the product page is remarkable? That’s the challenge we’re having.

    The product itself is boring and the people buy the product out of necessity, not because it’s cool or hip. The customer isn’t widely considered to be sharing this stuff with their friends and family through social media channels with other potential customers, they buy it for work. Any suggestions on how we make our products pages remarkable with all that in mind?

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